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Hi my new or old friend!


You’ve landed on this page for a reason and I want to first and foremost say, don’t stress, I’m here for you!

Deciphering whether a product is a safer option or not can be downright stressful and super confusing.


When I first started this journey, I have to admit it was pretty overwhelming. Words such as phenoxyethanol, polysorbate, and parabens were enough to give me flashbacks to my school days thinking, “There has to be an easier way!”


Over my years of searching for safer products for my family, I fell in love with the process. Fast forward to now, I spend my spare time totally geeking out over the (or lack of) science behind certain ingredients.

I understand that my cup of tea may totally not be for you. If that’s the case, this is where I come in to save you from hours of research and crazy hard to pronounce words from circling around your brain. It’s truly a win-win for us both, because as for me, I truly love nerding out over labels.


So sit back, relax, and know that this is the “hardest work” you have to do.


01  Label Reading $7
03  Labels $19
05   Labels $32


Please note: Supplement and food labels are not permitted at this time.

What to expect from me

You will receive an email back within 3-5 business days giving you a squeaky green light that the product(s) is A-okay or a red light to steer clear from.

If a particular label has questionable ingredients, I will:


•highlight which ingredients I personally avoid

•provide you with a safer alternative if there is one


If you’d like to dive deeper into why I avoid certain ingredients, check out our DIY Label Reading Guide *coming soon*



Send a direct link or a clear, legible screenshot of the product label AND brand name to


That’s it! Take an instant sigh of relief and know that you’ll see me pop into your inbox soon with guidance.

It is important to remember that I do not have a background in science, I am a mama on a mission to use my knowledge and skills I’ve grown over the past few years to better serve you. These are my personal findings and what I am comfortable or not comfortable with using on myself and/or for my family. It is up to you to make a final decision on what is a good fit for yourself and/or your family.


Did you know that we have a Simply Living Mama exclusive membership community?! If you’d like to know how to snag free label reads, helpful guides, and to know which safer products to switch to then head on over!


I’ d love to have ya join us!


Disclaimer: As stated above, I am a mama on a mission using my knowledge to help others. I do not hold a science degree behind my name. If you and/or a family member have a reaction to a particular product, I am not held responsible in any way. Refunds are not available.

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