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The brand that has changed my life!


You’ve landed on this page for a reason and I want to first and foremost say, don’t stress, I’m here for you! I've struggled as well. Severe anxiety, depression, postpartum challenges, chronic pain, extreme fatigue... it was my life for so long.


When I first started this journey, CBD was always interesting to me but finding a brand up to my picky standards that actually worked was impossible.


Over my years of searching for relief, everything fell short until I found Green Compass. 


Let me know how I can help you find the perfect products for you!

My favorite products

01  Broad Spectrum 500
02  Rasberry Jellies
03   Bath Soaks


I am obsessed with all of the products I've tried but if I had to pick *only* three to never live without- these would be them!

Need help finding your perfect products?

Click here to fill out a short quiz and I will get back to you with which products I think will be a perfect match!

That’s it! Take an instant sigh of relief and know that you’ll see me pop into your inbox soon with recommendations.

It is important to remember that I do not have a background in science, I am a mama on a mission to use my knowledge and skills I’ve grown over the past few years to better serve you. These are my personal findings and what I am comfortable or not comfortable with using on myself and/or for my family. It is up to you to make a final decision on what is a good fit for yourself and/or your family.


Did you know that you can join this mission with me? If you’d like to know how to earn an income from home, earn bonuses, and to get discounted products then head on over to my site below!


I’ d love to have ya join us!


Disclaimer: As stated above, I am a mama on a mission using my knowledge to help others. I do not hold a science degree behind my name. If you and/or a family member have a reaction to a particular product, I am not held responsible in any way. 

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