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Disclosure: Many of the links here are affiliate links. This means when you purchase any item on this page, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you for helping support my time and effort to bring you safe solutions!

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01 Sea Love


These candles are absolutely divine! They are completely transparent about utilizing a safe synthetic & natural form of fragrance. You hear me preach on the dangers of fragrance all the time, but fear not, I am completely comfortable with these!

02 Grow

Essential oil based air fresheners and candles coming at ya! Rest assured in knowing that you don’t have to completely give up the smell good stuff, just switch it to this folks! Visit link for $5 off.

03 Fontana Co


Beeswax and coconut oil based candles blended with essential oils and topped with a wood wick. This gives me all the cozy vibes! Use code for 15% off!

01 MyGreenFills

This is my all time favorite laundry company! Imagine your clothes smelling and cleaning like Tide WITHOUT the toxic junk.. I didn’t think this was possible until I stumbled upon them. Check out their cleaning supplies also!

03 Force of Nature

CODE: simplylivingmama

Imagine a clean version of bleach.. this is a EPA registered disinfectant and sanitizer. I love keeping this on hand for the tougher jobs!

05 Attitude Living

I have fallen in love with this one stop shop! You can find everything from body lotion to laundry detergent. Psssst, the whole site is toxin-free, too!

02 Branch Basics

CODE: simplylivingmama

This is a wonderful all purpose concentrate that has many uses. No job is too big from the bathroom all the way to the kitchen, it can do it all!

04 Aunt Fannie’s


Ahhh, how I’ve missed actual cleaning wipes! I’m a fan of all of their products but the wipes... I am hooked! Use code for 20% off!

01 Redmond's

CODE: simplylivingmama

Redmond’s has the best unrefined, truly real salt! Nothing extra, nothing removed, just pure salt. They also have an electrolyte mix and other seasonings to cook with.

05 AquaTru Water Filter
06 ProOne Water Filter
03 Sun Basket

Trying to multitask between cooking, my kids, the dogs, and everything in between gets the best of me sometimes so easy dinners are my fave. Thankfully Sun Basket comes with everything you need to make a healthy, organic meal + instructions. Easy enough for me plus the meals are delicious!


Clean water is a must for every household! Most filters were not designed to filter out an abundance of heavy metals, fluoride, etc. Que in the AquaTru and you never have to worry again! 

07 Pure Effect Filters

High quality and high performance water filters to fit every need. They have countertop, undercounter, and shower water filters that will remove the toughest harsh chemicals to bring you clean, safe, and pure water.

02 Misfits

Misfits takes the unwanted produce that would be headed to a landfill for cosmetic reasons only and ships it right to your door for a fraction of the cost! Getting organic produce affordably has never been easier.

04 Thrive Market

Grocery shopping was super overwhelming for me before I found Thrive Market.  Thankfully, I found Thrive Market and I am able to get quality groceries delivered right to my doorstep which makes this mama’s life that much easier! Visit link for 25% off.


Another great water filter option! I love that the countertop one is gravity based so no plug is necessary. Their shower filter is a great addiction as well

08 Purity Coffee

Coffee is life, am I right?! What made Purity stand out to me is not only their organic coffee but that it is tested for mold as well. This is huge! If you’re going to drink coffee, be sure it is high quality.

09 Four Sigmatic


Mushrooms in your coffee, anyone?! Okay, don’t knock it till ya try it! This coffee goes down so smoothly and leaves you feeling refreshed without the nasty jitters that regular coffee can leave you with.

10 Mud Wtr

If coffee isn’t your thing but you need a pick me up, try this! Mud Wtr is a coffee alternative consisting of organic superfoods. It has a smooth, rich flavor that even my daughter loves.

Photo 2021-06-15 01.26.53 PM.jpg
11 Your Super


Your Super has an assortment of beneficial superfoods such as shakes, bars, detoxes, and collagen to help aid your body towards optimized health and wellness.

12 Rasa


I am pretty fond of this company! They have a full line of coffee alternatives made by an herbalist. Their sustainable adaptogen blends have your health in mind. You won’t be disappointed!

13 Olipop

This is a fantastic soda alternative! They have an assortment of delicious fizzy tonics that have prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanicals to support a healthy digestive system. Classic root beer is my favorite!

14 Pique Tea

Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea all while supporting your gut health, immune system, and providing natural energy.

EMF Protection
01 Smart Meter Covers

A stainless steel mesh covering that fits right over your smart meter. This will help block out harmful EMFs. 

02 Diff Bluelight Blockers

Blue light blockers are always a wise investment in my opinion! As an everyday glasses wearer, I love that you can get a trendy pair with your prescription added to it. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

ECO Friendly
01 Package Free

A one stop shop for all your sustainable, eco friendly, and zero waste needs.

02 Earth Hero


Another great one stop shop to help protect our planet! You can find an array of sustainable and eco-friendly products here.

EMF Proection
eco friendly
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