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Safe Swap Guide

Safe Swap Guide


Navigating which products are truly safe or not can be extremely challenging. I know because I’ve been there and done that!

If you are looking for safe, high performing products look no further! I’ve spent several years trailing dozens of products and constantly ran into the same problem. They either were not up to my ingredient standards or they simply lacked quality performance. This endless cycle can be pretty pricey and frustrating. 

This is where our downloadable Safe Swap Guide comes to the rescue! I have compiled a detailed list of safe products organized into easy to find categories. You will find an overview with direct shopping links to my favorite safe swap options for women’s personal care, home products, wellness, men, and littles. You can download this PDF guide, print it, or keep it handy on your phone knowing the next time you shop will be a breeze!


Bonus: You can find discount codes in the beginning of the guide and a few fun recipes towards the end!


Please note: This is a PDF. No physical copy will be given and due to the nature of downloadable content refunds will not be given. Thank you for understanding! After payment, you will receive an email with a button to download your guide.

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